Palisades 6 - TEYSA 0

posted Oct 26, 2010, 4:09 AM by Tom Buccigrossi   [ updated Jul 6, 2011, 1:57 PM ]

10/24/10 - The PYSA U11F Thunder won a pretty lopsided victory on Sunday at home versus the TEYSA Storm. Katie Hackley had two goals and an assist, Kayla Reed and Bailey Keebler each had one goal, Bailey had one assist, Kayla had 1 1/2 assists, Julia Killcoyne had half an assist and Kerstin Koenig had two goals and an assist.

Kerstin's last goal was a special one. Julia received a pass and crossed the ball in front of the net. Kayla launched a powerful shot that the keeper blocked with her hands popping the ball up into the air. Kerstin was in perfect position and headed the ball into the goal. At this point, the entire team realized what transpired and most looked over to Coach Steve and rubbed their heads. Close to two years ago, a challenge was issued by Coach Steve. If the team scores on a header, they get to pick Coach Steve's haircut. Rumor has it that Coach will be sporting a rainbow mowhawk with the Dallas Cowboys emblem on one side of his head and the New York Giants on the other. The haircut is being scheduled and I'm sure pictures will be taken. Nice job, ladies.