U-9 through U-12 Outdoor Tournament

U-9 through U-11 8v8 Format: $375 per Team

U-12 11v11 Format: $425 per Team

BOYS - June 18th; Girls - June 19th

Locations: - Palisades School Campus 

2011 Spring Festival


U-9 through U-12 Rules


U-9 through U-12 Application


Email tournaments@pysanet.com or call 610-346-6603.


Club Teams only. No player may be rostered on more than one team during the tournament. All teams must register at least 60 minutes prior to their first game.

  • You must register your team one hour prior to the start of your first game. There will be a registration table at the field.
  • Documents required at registration include your current state roster, medical release forms for all players, player/coaches passes and, “Permission to Travel” (if required).  Documents may be subject to re-verification prior to re-entering the tournament field area(s).
  • Guest players for U9 and U11 bracket is limited to 4; U12 is limited to 5.  All  players must be included in your roster registered for this tournament.  Either a valid club player pass or birth certificate and and medical release.  Medical Releases should be available at the field at all games.
  • All players can only be included in one team roster during the tournament.
  • If you need exceptions or clarifications to this policy, please call prior to the tournament date for possible submission to PYSA.


  • PYSA will determine all refund amounts for the event.
  • There will be no refund for teams withdrawing from the tournament after the acceptance date.
    • Deposited checks will constitute acceptance.
    • Checks will not be deposited unless there is acceptance.
    • A full and complete refund will be given to any team that is not accepted.
    • Any other refund prior to the acceptance date is subject to handling fees.
    • These handling fees include but are not limited to bank fees, mail and time spent to issue the refund.
    • The exact amount will be determined by the PYSA.
  • PYSA is not responsible for any expenses incurred by any team in the event the tournament is canceled in whole or part, or in the event games are discontinued or canceled due to forfeit.

2011 Age Groups

JUNE 18th

U-9 Boys - Open

U-10 BoysOpen

U-11 BoysOpen

U-12 BoysOpen

JUNE 19th

U-9 GirlsOpen

U-10 GirlsOpen

U-11 GirlsOpen

U-12 GirlsOpen

2011 Schedules

To be posted.