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Travel Program FAQs

Should my child play travel soccer?

Our Travel Program seeks players who want a more competitive soccer environment and who will make a commitment to improve their skills and ability. Players are selected on the basis of their current soccer skills, general athletic ability and willingness to commit to a more demanding program. Dedicated players with supportive parents are encouraged to try out for positions with Palisades YSA Travel Teams.

Is my child good enough to make a team?

Soccer teams are fairly large - usually 11-14 players for under age 11 and 14-18 players for age 11 and over.  While cuts may occur at some age groups, the vast majority of children who try out will make a team.  If there are enough children in any age group to form more than one team, both "A" and "B" level teams will be formed. Palisades YSA is committed to having as many children in the travel program as the teams can accommodate.

How do tryouts work?

Tryouts are held each spring to re-form teams for the following fall season.  Those trying out are evaluated on their ability to perform a series of soccer skills and then grouped for scrimmages.  Player may be ranked by a combination of outside evaluators and the travel team coach or just the team coaches. See our tryout page for more information.

Who chooses the players?

The team’s Head Coach determines who will be on the team roster based on a combination of the results of the tryouts, and a pre-evaluation of the players that they are familiar with. If a team has more players than their roster can accommodate, a player might be asked to “play up”, or a player already playing up might be asked to play in their correct age group. However, ultimately all decisions regarding which team a player is eligible for are at the discretion of the Head Coach with the approval of the Travel Director.

Who chooses the team coach(es)?

Team Head Coaches are volunteers first approved by PYSA, that have then obtained the E License Certificate or equivalent. Assistant coaches are chosen by each team's Head Coach and are required to take the F License or equivalent. It is suggested that anyone who is interested in becoming a travel coach contact our Travel Director.

What league do Palisades YSA teams play in during the Fall?

Teams primarily compete in the Inter-County Soccer League. The Team Head Coach can make the decision to participate in an alternative league.

How far do you have to travel to play league games?

Most away games are usually within a 30-45 minute drive.

What time commitment is involved?

Teams usually have two 90 minute practices and one game each week during the season. The expectation is that players attend all practices and games, and that during the Fall season, soccer is the primary sport commitment, taking priority over any other athletic conflicts.

How long is the season?

Practices for the fall season usually begin in mid to late August.  League games begin the week after Labor Day, and the season ends in November.

The travel program also supports Spring and Winter seasons for teams and individuals who are interested. For teams that compete in the spring, practices begin in March (weather permitting), and league games and tournaments run from April through June. Practices are on the general Palisades YSA fields. Winter leagues and tournaments run from November to March, during which teams are given gym time for practice at the weekends.

What about playing time?

Playing time depends on many factors including the age level of the team, the game situation, and the ability level of the players on the team.  The ultimate decisions about individual playing time and team playing time policy are made by each team's head coach. At the younger age groups (U8-U10), shared playing time and rotation of positions is encouraged as much as possible. At U12 and above the teams play to get the best result possible, which may mean wide variations in playing time of individual players based on game circumstances.

How much does it cost?

The Palisades YSA registration fee for each player is $125 (early bird) per year for the Fall season.  Players must buy their own uniforms (jerseys, shorts, and socks), which may cost from $50 to $90. You do not need to purchase a new uniform each year. All other tournaments and leagues are optional and at the financial discretion of the parents. Spring league costs are low, about $25/player for the season. Winter leagues are more expensive, and can cost up to $140 for the entire November-March season. Tournaments average about $35/tournament. The total cost for the year will vary depending on the desires of the team.  The only fixed cost is the uniform and the fall registration fee.

What if I can't afford the fees?

Palisades YSA would like every child to have an opportunity to play travel soccer for the Fall season.  Please contact our Travel Director to discuss your situation.  All information will be held strictly confidential.

What do I do to register?

After tryouts, instructions will be sent to all players on how to register for the coming season.