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Winter Festival Volunteers

Dear PYSA Parents,

As many of you may know, our Club's Winter Festival Soccer Tournament is quickly approaching. The Winter Festival is an important event for our club. Along with promoting the game of soccer, our tournament also helps us raise funds for most of the initiatives that we have implemented over the past couple years. One of those initiatives has been the Speed-and-Agility, Footwork and Keeper trainings, which we have offered to our players for free, over the past two Fall seasons. These funds help also keep our Fall Travel Registration low and our fields and equipment maintained.


Your player's coach will be approaching you over the next few days to ask for volunteers for the tournament. There are various positions, which we need to fill. The positions have been divided into segments, based on the age groups competing. Many of these positions are a great way for youth volunteers to accumulate community service time. The positions available are...

Registration (Adult/Older Teens)
This position registers teams as they come on-site prior to their first match. The registrar will follow a check list to make sure that the teams have the correct rosters, player passes, birth certificates and Medical Releases. This positions requires two hours of donation time: One hour prior to the start of matches; and one hour after the start of matches.

Concessions (Adult/Older Teens)
Concessions volunteers will run concessions during the tournament. Those running concessions during the first segment of the day will help set up the stands, while those in the last segment of the day will help break down.

Scoreboard Operator (Adult/Youth)
Scoreboard operators, along with the referee, are in charge of keeping the time and score on the gym scoreboard. During the 3v3 segments, scoreboard operators will also help the referee rotate the field every 2.5 minutes.

Score-runners (Adult/Youth)
Score-runners are in charge on getting scores from the scoring table in the gym to the score-sheets in the cafeteria. Either the Score-runner or Tournament Supervisor will post the scores and calculate the points.

Setup/Breakdown (Adult/Youth)
These volunteers will help in setting up and breaking down the facilities and concessions. Setup will take place on Friday nights, while breakdown will take place on Sunday nights.


To download the Volunteer Schedule, please click here. Exact times will be made available closer the the tournament dates. If you can help out or have any questions, please let your Coach know or contact me directly at

Thank you for your consideration. And thanks to you and to all of our PYSA community for keeping our organization and the "beautiful game" strong.

Tom Buccigrossi
PYSA President
908.399.0866 |