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Summer Intramural

2021 Program Info

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Dates: Late June to early August

  • Two sessions per week - T/W - 6/7pm
  • Youngest players  (2017-2018) play once per week -W 6-7pm - parent/guardian participation required



All families should volunteer in some capacity.  There are volunteer opportunities of all sorts so there's something for everyone.  

Sponsors are exempt from the volunteer requirement (but are still welcome to volunteer if they would like to!)

Coaches, Assistant Coaches/Team Parents, and Referees over 18 years old are required to have the following clearances:

Clearances are good for 36 months. 

Guidelines and Information for all. Please Read!

  • All players must wear shin guards, or they will not be allowed to play. Sneakers or cleats are also required.
  • There will be a staffed Info Desk at the end of the Snack Stand shed to answer any questions you have during practices and games. 
  • Please make sure your players have water, Gatorade, or something to keep them hydrated. Snacks and beverages are available in the Snack Stand (open game weeks only).
  • Do not leave your children unattended.  Coaches are not babysitters.  If you cannot be at the fields, please make alternate arrangements.
  • Cancellations will be sent via email, posted on the website (Lots of other useful information as well - you should check it out!) and posted on Facebook (Like us!).
  • The goals are not toys. Please make sure your players/children are not hanging on or playing in the goals, as serious injury can occur.
  • Please leave your pets at home and use one of our many trash cans for litter to help keep our fields clean. Also remember smoking is not permitted on the PSD campus.
  • Do not park on the narrow part of Thomas Free Drive (wooded section). It blocks emergency access.